Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paola speaks to Illawarra community care forum

Check out one of Paola's contributions during discussion at the March 2 forum organised by Illawarra Community Care. Paola, who works as a carer herself, called for a boost in funding to the industry and for an end to competitive tendering. For her full speech visit:

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  1. One of the key concerns raised at the forum was the competitive tendering process that providers are forced to go through. This process drains resources that could be spent providing care services and makes providers compete against each for scarce funding. This is completely ridiculous. We need to end competitive tendering and replace it with a system of cooperation. The people who access services, their friends, family and carers, as well as service providers know best what is needed, what is missing and what needs extra funding. They know what is working, and what isn't. They are the ones who should be in control of these decisions. We need real community democracy about the decisions that affect our community.