Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paola preferences Greens; then Labor before Liberal

Friday March 11, 2011 - The Socialist Alliance has decided to allocate preferences in the seat of Keira, where it's standing student and part-time worker, Paola Harvey. Preferences will first flow to the Greens' George Takacs and then Labor's Ryan Park. Socialist Alliance has also decided to back Independent Gordon Bradbery in the seat of Wollongong; the Greens' Peter Moran in Shellharbour; and the Greens' Phil Smith in Heathcote.

Socialist Alliance candidate for Keira, Paola Harvey, said: 'When allocating preferences we go from the most progressive candidates to the least progressive. We don't do deals with other candidates or parties, but prefer to decide on a principled basis', she said.

'In Keira we'll preference the Greens first. They have progressive policies that are far better than the major parties. George Takacs is a very good candidate and has been involved in many campaigns for social justice and the environment. We are hoping to see an increased vote for the Greens and are backing them in Shellharbour and Heathcote. In Wollongong we hope people will vote for Gordon Bradbery first and then the Greens' Brendan Cook. Gordon's campaign is a serious challenge to Labor from the left, and something everyone should get behind.

'Given how fed up people are with NSW Labor, the pressure to not preference them is enormous. They do deserve to get the boot but we honestly think a Liberal-National Government would be worse. There are clear signs now that this will be the case including Jeff Kennett's advice to Barry O'Farrell to 'go fast early on'. If we have an opinion on who would be better or worse in government for working people, then it's our obligation to indicate this in preferences. So we'll be preferencing Labor's Ryan Park before Liberal John Dorahy.

'Regardless of who's elected to government on March 26, we promise to continue campaigning for social justice, democratic rights and sustainability. Throughout history, unions and community campaigns have forced politicians to legislate for better social conditions and environmental protection. We'll have to keep this up under a Labor or Liberal government. We are urging people to vote socialist and green because we do need more progressives in the next parliament - progressives who will put their efforts into strengthening the unions and community-based organisations', Harvey concluded.

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