Thursday, February 17, 2011

Support TAFE!

Below is Paola's letter to the NSW Teachers Federation declaring her support for their 'Invest in TAFE' campaign.

Dear members of the New South Wales Teachers Federation,

The last few years have seen the NSW Labor Party go on a privatisation spree, selling off or trying to sell off crucial public assets. Not only that, we've seen consistent attacks on the public sector by the same Labor government, including on TAFE. Since 2003, as the Teachers' Federation has pointed out, spending on public vocational education and training in NSW has declined by 15.7 per cent. We need to reverse this trend and invest significantly in TAFE, knowing the advantages it gives to the state and all those who live in it. That is why I am happy to pledge my support for the Invest in TAFE for a Better State plan and the 5 points contained within it and will raise these issues in the campaign. I am very much looking forward to working alongside the Teachers' Federation to achieve the demands outlined in the plan.

In solidarity,

Paola Harvey
Socialist Alliance candidate for Keira

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