Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Support People's Power in Egypt


Thursday February 3, 2011 - Socialist Candidate for Keira Paola Harvey has announced her support for the democracy movement that has swept Egypt and is on the verge of getting rid of U.S and Australian backed dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

'The images coming out of Egypt are inspiring to all those who believe in justice and democracy. People have overcome the fear of torture and even death, to assert their rights and show the world that the people of the Middle East don't need foreign armies to liberate them. They are just fine liberating themselves. My heartfelt solidarity and congratulations to Egyptian emigrates living in New South Wales and the local Wollongong area, many of whom have are living in exile due to the repressive regime. They must be feeling an overwhelming sense of pride in what is happening in Egypt and looking forward to a future free from oppression and dictatorship.

'As the rebellion has swept Egypt, so has a wave of volunteering. When people aren't protesting they are cleaning garbage off the streets, providing food to people, giving medical assistance and all sorts of other activities. Protesters are saying they are now proud of their country and they are willing to look after it.

'What is happening in Egypt proves a valuable lesson to the people of the world, including in Australia. That is, the best way to deal with the political, social and economic problems that society faces is to empower people. An empowered people can achieve what in “ordinary” times, seem like miracles. Seeing what is happening in Egypt reinforces why I'm running in the NSW state elections. I also want to live in a community that feels pride in itself, that is empowered and that overcomes problems by working together in a spirit of solidarity. This is what I will fight for while running in the elections and afterwards', concluded Harvey.

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